Corso 7: Piano di Trattamento Digitale: gestione avanzata dei tessuti e protocolli rigenerativi avanzati in implantologia

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Tipologia di corso
Lectures, Hands-on, Live Demonstration, Treatment Planning sessions

Argometni trattati
Digital Treatment Planning, Interdisciplinary Digital Communication, 3D Implant Placement Analysis, Surgical Hard and Soft Tissue Management, Provisional Restorations, Restorative Soft Tissue Management, Esthetics   

Classificazione del corso
Piano di trattametno chirugia e parodontologia

The Objective of this course is to combine a comprehensive and practical course with an interesting and unforgettable week-end in Florence.
Practical topics and take home messages that can be applied immediately in each own practice will be discussed. Surgical & Restorative protocols, materials, techniques will be covered in details as well as concepts and decision making processes which are the key to success.
During the course basic principles, as well as advanced concepts and procedures will be reviewed. This will allow the clinician to obtain the best possible outcome from both surgical and restorative procedures.
The scientific program starts early in the morning and will end in the afternoon around 4:00 pm. This schedule will allow the participants to enjoy museums, architecture, art, and shops of Florence, a unique city.

The course will present the principles, the protocols and the materials that Dr. Giano and Dr. Andrea Ricci utilize to achieve optimal functional and esthetic outcomes for perio/implant/prosthetic rehabilitations.
The course is thought for all the colleagues who are aiming not only to place an implant where there is a missing or compromised tooth, but also to achieve the best possible outcome considering the limitations of each patient.
Special emphasis will be given to the digital treatment planning phase, the management of hard and soft tissues, the design and the fabrication of a provisional restorations and last but not least the communication techniques with the patients and the members of the Team.
The Digital Smile Design (DSD by Christian Coachman) will be introduced as a critical tool to diagnose, treatment plan and communicate during different phases of the treatment.
There will be a session for surgical and prosthetic treatment planning where after an initial presentation of the case, there will be time for discussions with the participants on the options, the materials and the protocols that could be adopted to solve the cases. After an initial discussion, Dr. Andrea Ricci will present his treatment completion.
Participants can present cases during the treatment planning sessions.
During the course surgical and prosthetic protocols and the techniques required to perform a proper diagnosis and treatment planning will be described. The philosophy of the course is to share and to discuss options and limitations that are common during the treatment of our patients. Emphasis will be dedicate not only to the materials and the equipment utilized, which is actually very important, but mainly to the reasons and the rationals of our treatment decisions.
Last but not least, the organization of the course is intended to allow participants to focus not only on the scientific program but also to have free time to enjoy the beautiful city of Florence. This way there will be spare time to dedicate to parents and friends that may follow in this interesting week-end.

LECTURE – Esthetic Diagnosis, Data Collection and Functional Recordings
Photo and Video protocols – Video Interview
Digital Esthetic Analysis and Diagnosis – Digital Smile Design Intro
Impressions, horizontal references, interocclusal records – techniques and materials
Esthetic and Functional Digital Chart, softwares utilized for Treatment Planning and Team Communications
LECTURE – Multidisciplinary Surgical and Prosthetic Treatment Planning
How to improve the final outcome with a multidisciplinary approach
Nobel Clinician for correct 3-dimensional planning of the implant
Timing of placement and loading
Hard and Soft Tissues Management around implants – protocols and materials
Metal-free restorations – indications and limits
Metal-ceramic restorations – indications and limits
Special considerations for periodontally compromised teeth
LIVE SESSION – Surgical Protocols and Concepts aiming for an esthetic outcome
Cone Beam recordings
Immediate or delayed implant placement on an partial edentulous patient
Advanced Surgical Soft Tissue Management and suturing techniques
Materials and techniques for impressions of natural teeth and implants
Shade selection

LIVE SESSION – Impressions, communication with the laboratory and provisional fabrication
How to transfer the informations to the lab
Cross mounting
Fabrication of provisional restoration and analysis of post-surgical submergence profile (if immediate provisionalization is feasible)
Hi-end photographic documentation of laboratory phases
HANDS-ON – Treatment Planning Session
Presentation of initial data, radiographs and photographs
Discussion with participants
Presentation by Dr. Andrea Ricci of completed cases
Presentation of cases by participants and discussion of Treatment Planning (click here to send an e-mail and request a keynote or PowerPoint presentation template)
LIVE SESSION – Provisional Restoration delivery
Delivery of provisional on patient treated the day before (if immediate provisionalization is feasible)

HANDS ON – Provisional Restorations fabrication
(This session will be held in a dental technician laboratory)
Model analysis and preparation
Techniques to simplify the wax-up phase
Acrylic resin provisional fabrication utilizing different techniques
How to control the soft tissue levels with the provisional restorations
Materials and instruments
Hi-end Photographic documentation of the fabricated provisionals
Additional practice sessions can be organized for participants on simulators or pig mandibles


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8:00 – 12:00   Corso teorico e sessione Live o pratica
12:00 – 13:00    Pausa pranzo on-site
13:00 – 16:00       Corso teorico e sessione Live o pratica

Gli orari possono subire variazioni in funzione delle necessita organizzative.

Numero di partecipanti
6 – 12 (max)

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